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Travel the globe, following cryptic clues and challenges to seek out ancient treasures.

You are an intrepid explorer on the hunt for the ancient and mysterious Lost Ruby of Ampanthia.


Your journey will take you across the globe to the heart of the jungle, the depths of the ocean and the ancient pyramids of Egypt.


Along the way, you will discover untold dangers and challenges and must use your wits and logic to decode cryptic clues, solve brain-bending puzzles, and master mystical mazes.

Title:Treasure Hunt Puzzles  


Format:8 ½ x 11”, 96 pages self-ends soft cover

Publication Date: November 2020

Price:$12.99 (CAN $25.95)

Age:7-11 (interest level)

This incredible adventure, devised by an expert in brain-training, is bound to put your skills in reasoning, math and problem solving to the test.


Will you have what it takes to solve all of the puzzles and find the treasure?