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Title: The Big Bonkers Body Book


Format:80page Hardback 270x220mm

Publication Date: September 2022

Price:(US$19.99) (UK£14.99)

Age:6-11 (interest level)



Young science at its best, with brilliantly funny illustrations to help explain how our finely tuned body works. It's informative with plenty of gross bits thrown in so highly appealing to young kids. Fun to read with an engaging question and answer format


•The nervous system whizzing messages around our bodies

•That your bottom is the largest muscle!•Digestive gory bits and what makes you burp!•How the brain is mission control

•Your heart is the hardest worker 


…and much more! Bright, comic-style illustrations, with fun (and disgusting) bite-size facts, perfect for learning all about what goes on inside of us!

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