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Format:8 ½ x 11”, 96 pages self-ends soft cover

Publication Date:April 2022

Price:$20.44 (CAN $25.76)

Age:7-11 (interest level)


Chances are when you think of sharks, it’s the great white or hammerhead that swim into view. But, there are over 400 species swimming in the oceans today. And, some are very bizarre with super-long snouts or detachable jaws. They are powerful, super-eating machines. Imagine a dark, triangular fin slicing through water – terrifying to humans. But, they are much more than this. So, check out…


  • a shark that has a mouth big enough to fit round a double bed

  • the special features and tactics they use to catch prey

  • the stories of brave (and lucky) people who have survived shark attacks

  • why sharks need our protections to stop becoming extinct


True stories, fascinating science, with superb photographs and action-packed text take you down to the depths to view an array of fascinating sharks: how they hunt, true shark attack survival stories, weird and unusual sharks and what we can to do protect the special species.



Free Poster Included!

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