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Title:Secret Squid's Wonders of the World


Format:290x225mm, 40 pages

Publication Date:July 2022


Age:4-6+ (interest level)

Secret Squid's Wonders of the World

A search-and-find adventure book exploring the most incredible

places on Earth. See these wonders as they would have looked in

their heyday. Can you spot all the sneaky squids hiding on every

page? Search for the Secret Squids...

  • In the Roman Colosseum

  • On Easter Island

  • Inside the Egyptian Pyramids

  • At the Greek Acropolis

Bright, fun illustrated scenes, packed with details, bring these

mesmerizing locations to life, while bitesized facts help you

unpack the incredible history of these awesome wonders and the

people who lived amongst them!

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Publication July 2022


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