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Over 30 awesome projects for winter, spring, summer and fall using nature and recycled household items

 Over 30 inspiring seasonal craft projects, using nature finds and simple techniques. Kids will love making... 


A spooky spiderweb doorhanger for Halloween.

Amazing paper seed bombs to plant in spring.

Prickly pinecone animals for autumn.

A snowy winter ski slope for walnut reindeer.


...and much more!


All you need are simple items that you can find on a nature scavenger hunt, in the recycling, or in your craft box! All year round there is something fun that everyone can make and do!

Rated 5* on Amazon

Title:Seasonal Crafts 


Format:270x210mm, PB 80 pages

PublicationDate:November 2022


Age:4-8+ (interest level)

Seasonal Crafts winter2.jpg
Seasonal Crafts Spring2.jpg
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