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Simon Mendez, award-winning illustrator, combines his love of nature and drawing by working as an illustrator with a focus on scientific and natural subjects. He paints on a wide variety of themes but mainly concentrates on portraits and animal subjects.

Real-Life Monsters | If Prehistoric Beasts were Alive Today


Sarah Conner lives in the lovely English countryside, in a cute cottage with her dogs and a cat. She spends her days sketching and doodling the world around her. She has always been inspired by nature and it influences much of her work.

Incredible Inventions


John Paul has a BSc in biology from the University of Sussex and a graduate certificate in animation from the University of West of England. He devotes his spare time to growing chilli pepper, perfecting his plan for a sustainable future and caring for a small plastic dinosaur..

Stickmen's Guide to how things Work


Venetia Dean is a freelance illustrator who grew up in Brighton, UK. She has always loved drawing ever since she could hold a pencil! As a teenager she discovered a passion for figurative illustration and when she turned 19 she was given a digital drawing tablet for her birthday and started transferring her work to the computer. She hasn’t looked back since! As well as illustration, Venetia loves reading graphic novels, and walking her dog Peanut.

Stickmen's Guide to your Body


Feva Sassin is a freelance illustrator born and bred in London. She has loved illustrating ever since she can remember, and she loves combining characters with unusual textures to give them more depth and keep them interesting

Climbing Trees and Dirty Knees


Santiago Calle is an illustrator and animator trained in Edinburgh College of Arts in Scotland. He began his career as a teacher, which led him to deepen his studies in sequential art. Santiago founded his art studio Liberum Donum in Bogotá in 2006, partnering with his brother Juan. Since then, they have dedicated themselves to producing concept art, illustration, comic strip and animation.

Brilliant Bugs


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