Take a lively, sweeping look at some of the most important light-bulb moments in the development of inventions. Find out how one idea often led to another, and revealed something new and exciting about our world. How ancient lighthouses led to 3D movies and 5,000-year-old writing led eventually to the internet, roman watermills to flushing toilets and dug-out canoes to space exploration. Take this amazing journey and discover…

Title:Incredible Inventions


Format:8 ½ x 11”, 96 pages self-ends soft cover

Publication Date:December 2019 

Price:$19.99 (CAN $25.95)

Age:7-11 (interest level)

Why moviegoers found Cinerama so exciting they screamed | Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer and other great female inventors | Which code took 267 years to crack | Fizzy drinks were sold as brain tonics.

... and lots more, from the wheel to the first written word to the internet!