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Title:My Favorite Dinosaurs


Format:8 ½ x 11”, 80 pages self-ends soft cover

Publication Date:September 2020

Price:$12.99 (CAN $17.95)

Age:4-6 (interest level)


These magnificent animals roamed and ruled the Earth for over 100 million years. Here we have a vast collection of different dino-beasts, including; humongous predators and tiny prey; the sneakiest and cleverest dinosaurs to ones that just looked plainly weird. This book is packed with all of the dinosaurs that we love – plus – some unfamiliar ones - but all that will amaze and fill you with awe! Check out:


• a dinosaur so fierce that no other dinosaur would hunt it

• one with an awe-inspiring 40 foot neck

• dinosaurs that hunted in packs and climbed trees

• one that moved like a chicken and another that had a mouth shaped like a shovel


… and much, much more. Whether it be the apex predator Spinosaurus, or the odd looking Gigantoraptor or possibly the cunning egg thief Oviraptor – here is a feast of dinosaurs with simple early reading text to fascinate and engage any young dinosaur enthusiast.

Recommended for reluctant readers


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