Join Ackerley the Acanthostega who takes you on a journey through time to explore the development of life on our wonderful planet, from the earliest organisms of 3.6 billion years ago, through to the arrival of primates 60 million years ago, to modern humans who have been around for less than 200,000 years. Discover:


•          the giant insects that roamed our planet 440 million years ago

•          how giant dinosaurs ruled for over 180 million years

•          how the mass extinction 65 million years ago wiped out nearly all life on Earth

•          the rise of mammals to become the dominant species


With brilliant CGI illustrations, fun diagrams and loads of humor, this book answer’s, simply and honestly, the important and fascinating questions about life on Earth and how it evolved.



Format:8 ½ x 11”, 96 pages self-ends hard cover

Publication Date:June 2020

Price:$19.99 (CAN $25.95)

Age:7-11 (interest level)