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What Can I see in the Wild?

A book for keeps...

Beautifully illustrated

Fun to read

Look and find

Nature & habitats

Age 4-7 years

Interest level ages 5-8

Hardback 80 pages

ISBN:  978-1-913440-52-7

USD: $12.99 


Animals, nature & habitats of the desert, rainforest, oceans and polar regions

Publication date September 2021

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the Mighty Mechanics


Interest level ages.4-7

Hardback 80 pages

ISBN:  978-1-913440-96-1

USD: $12.99 

Publication date September 2021

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The Mighty Mechanics are back!


Our Mighty Mechanics have fine tuned lots of awesome speedy machines including

. High-Flying Scramjets flying at Mach 9.6

. Powerful racing MotoGP Superbikes

. Bullet trains and Maglev

. Boats that break the sound barrier

This book is a real high interest page-turner and follows on from our best-selling  series title Mighty Mechanics book of Marvellous Vehicles.

Be sure not to miss this one it's a got loads of great facts!

History of the world

It's history on a map!

History brought to life


Characterful artwork and funny bite-size text

From the birth of civilization

Major events and epochs

Interest level ages. 7-11

Hardback 96 pages


ISBN:  978-1-913077-74-7

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summary of Important events included using timelines for each period in history

History of the World shows what happened, in different parts of the world, at any one time

                                     It's an awesome bird's eye view of history!

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Publication date September 2021

  Build it! make it! 
mini battle machines

Easy to follow instructions

Recycling simple household items

Using basic engineering, physics and math

Hands-on fun... play to learn

Mini machines from Medieval times and beyond

Unplug the kids, great resource for both schools and home

Interest level ages. 7-11

Hardback 96 pages


ISBN 978-1-913440-96-1


Publication date September 2021

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 Make your own medieval battlements and towers, then prepare to defend your castle with mini-launchers and siege engines. Get ready to trick your friends with sneaky traps and triggers and much more! 

Bite-Size facts explains the history of the battlements and mini weapons.

Let the battle commence, it's going to be fun!

Sequel to our best selling Build it! Make it! become a super engineer



Build It! Make It! Cover US.jpg

One of our best sellers...back in stock soon

Available again September 2021

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   ISBN 9781913440442

USD $ 19.99 | CAN $25.95