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Nothing beats spending time in nature! Whatever the time of year, there are always lots of things to do and discover. You could…

Title: Big Ideas for the Big Outdoors


Format:8 ½ x 11”, 96 pages self-ends soft cover

Publication Date: February 2021

Price:$12.99 (CAN $17.95)

Age:4-7 (interest level)


…and so much more!


This book is full of fantastic ideas to help you have more fun outside. So, unplug the TV and get ready for some amazing outdoor adventures

  • become and animal tracker

  • make an entire city for bugs

  • build a hide-away den in the woods

  • turn photos of friends into forest monsters

  • create awesome garden sculptures

  • nurture and look after the birds

  • have a laugh with mud monsters

  • turn walks into adventures

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